At Quid Qualitas , we are committed to developing key competences in this Century21, such as Generosity and Ethics, which must be present every day in the Leaders of Change and the Cultural and Technological Transformation we live in.

Generosity, understood as the good disposition and the altruistic way that a person demonstrates when interacting with the others. It could not be otherwise and for this reason we want to show our “generosity” by collaborating with UnLtd Spain, a Foundation that has been present in 10 countries for 3 years, and which in this period has already driven more than 40 Startups , Social entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in three key sectors: Health, Smart Cities and Agri-Food.

Quid Qualitas collaborates with UnLtd in the design and dynamization of events, afterworks and meetings with its community: entrepreneurs, consultants, mentors, and collaborators. To ensure that they are innovative experiences that invite action and create dynamic spaces and emotional bonds.

It is a pleasure to participate in this fresh and much needed project.

Social entrepreneurship is possible!


Social Entrepreneurship in Spain