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Inspiring  Customer Experiences
“We are passionate about promoting Customer Experience initiatives and programs. Transforming the culture to be customer oriented. Aligning values. Developing key competencies in board positions, managers and teams.” Javier Ontiveros

CEO Quid Qualitas


Our approach is providing value to make the Customer Experience a true reality for our customers. So that they can be differentiated. Be more productive. Strengthen a culture and values updated to the demands of the 21st Century. Making your employees and customers your fans!

Customer Experience

As experts in implementing Customer Experience strategies, we know that it is key to involve the whole organization to get success. It is a discipline that requires knowledge and experience in all its phases and adapted to each company.

  • Global Consulting. Centric-Client Orientation. CX Ecosystem. Digital Processes
  • Competence Assessment and CX Skills Development
  • Process of Co-Creation, Design and Execution Customer Journey
  • Definition of differentiating, innovative and profitable experiences
  • Methodologies and New Metrics adoption based on touch points.
  • WAW Programs (Who Are We). Customer Voice: external and internal
  • Business Analytics. Specific KPI’s. Dashboard

Technological innovation and Digitalization to put the focus on people. Deepen the Customer: Customer Deep Learning.

Just as coral reefs host a rich biodiversity but at the same time are extremely fragile for their high sensitivity to multiple factors that can make them disappear.

Go to QQdigital Lina Robles

Directora, QQdigital

Neuroleader. 21st Century Competencies

The 21st Century organizations base their competitiveness on the efficient and effective use of technology, and on the management of people’s talent. They must implement Customer Experience disciplines and strategies as engines of visibility, profitability and efficiency and respond to changing customer habits.

It is imperative that the leader evolves into a neuroleader, the only one able to navigate in the age of imagination. The i4 neuro-leadership model incorporates the latest advances in neuroscience and its practical application to leadership and Customer Experience. Develops key skills such as inspiration, intuition, imagination and the importance of an integrated brain.


Customer orientation. Business Boost.

The new habits of the customers are generating a revolution in the business and commercial world. Only companies that truly orient all their functions to the customer will have sustained success over time.

Our Customer Orientation and Business Impulse programs facilitate professionalization of the business function, keeping in mind that trust is the driving force for performance and productivity.

  • 4 fields and 4 pillars of Confidence Building
  • Customer Planning and Management
  • Sale and Value Proposition
  • Business Impulse Communication
The Client Management programs, which are part of our Sales School itineraries, have trained more than 600 commercial managers, developing key competences to attend complexity and changes in the market María Ángeles Domínguez

Responsible for the Sales School and School of Customer Service, Endesa

Alignment of Values and Vision

Differentiation becomes a continuous search in today’s companies.

Customer Experience is what allows us to escape the “commoditization” and price war.

Moving and providing value to the customer is no longer a task of products and services but of a chain of services before and after the sale.

Companies that know it develop a strong culture, enthusiasm and commitment, with a shared Vision and Values, aligned with the values of the people who work there. It is a culture of recognition, which empowers employees to get better experiences with customers, clients “who return and advise others”.

Treat and Treatment® is a key program in Quironsalud. All members of the centers and hospitals where the service is provided, internalize the values and mission of the group to provide the best care and experience to the patient. Quid Qualitas is facilitating this transfer of values with tangible results Marta Cremades

CorporateTalentDeveloment HR Director, Quironsalud, Quironsalud

Fans! Teams and employees

A Successful Customer Experience starts with a good Employee Experience.

Get fans!, but not only among customers, also employee fans !, who feel recognized, valued and with enough space for their proper development and professional growth.

This last piece is key: to achieve multidisciplinary and cohesive teams.

To do this, we must create an environment that makes sense of belonging, collaboration, responsibility and trust, the headlines of everyday in organizations.

Thanks to different development programs of Quid Qualitas we have achieved a better performance of our teams in different areas of the company May Bascuñana

HR Sr. Manager, Aurovitas Spain


QQ Experiences is a methodology of Quid Qualitas, which gives identity and value to all our experience programs. The objective is to reinforce and develop some individual or group aspect:

  • Neuroleadership
  • Collaborative environments. Customer Centric
  • Belonging and Cohesion Feelings
  • Building Trust

To do this we use two clearly differentiated environments: in room, area of reflection and sharing; and an experiential space (even outdoor) that will be the perfect “laboratory” when it comes to living these activities. (Different and specific spaces depending on the type of Experience).


Javier Ontiveros

From Logical Reasoning to Emotion and Creativity

Mathematician, Executive Coach and Expert in Marketing, Sales, Customer Experience and Neuro-leadership.

“I’m passionate about driving change and empowering people to create more collaborative and inspiring environments.

I am convinced that trust, empathy, humility and proper management of emotions really make a difference.”

Gemma González

Boosting the neuro-leader we carry inside

Computer Engineering, Executive Coach. Expert in Neuro-leadership and Digital Transformation

“Passionate of the Neuro-leadership, of the Technological Revolution and of the advances of the neuro-science. “My purpose is to help create organizations that are great places of work. I bet on a Humanist Leadership, Personal Empower the individual and get the best version of himself.”

Alex Barros

Natural Thinking

Painter, Plastic artist, Muralist, Graphic designer, Creative director

“I think it is essential to seek for tranquility, to find in it our natural side, even in the great cities.

I see myself as always willing to find the creative solution to problems.

A good arrangement of colors, shapes or spaces is often the best way to connect.”

Lina Robles

Customer Deep Learning

Director of QQdigital, Mathematician and Expert in Global Strategy and Technology, Business Intelligence and Big Data methodologies.

“It is our job to use technological innovation and digitalization to focus on people. Clients, like coral reefs, harbor a rich biodiversity but are fragile due to their high sensitivity to multiple factors that can make them disappear.”

Carlos Arteaga

Technology and People as Synergy

Expert account executive in Customer Experience. Passionate about Blockchain and Sports.

“My job is to personalize and humanize links in a creative way through digital transformation. Any company has the ability to take that small step to become more digital and improve the relationship with their customers”.

Paola Hermosilla

The client is everything to me

Psychologist, Professional Coach and expert in Training and Development of Commercial, Communicative and Social Competences.

“Proud of having contributed to increase the motivation, satisfaction and competences of many professionals along my career, increasing the degree of satisfaction of their clients. I firmly believe that there is a direct relationship between a competent employee and an excellent customer experience”.



Our experience with SPRING GDS

Our experience with SPRING GDS

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