Commercial management in the Multinational environment

Customers act globally. They move on more and they can fast compare the experience received from the same company through different countries. It is necessary to keep an eye on this new reality and move quickly, because  the experience and customer satisfaction are being evaluated at all time and through different channels. Furthermore, the clients’ union is located today in the social networks which means high impact immediately at a global level. Consequently, lot of companies look for improving their Commercial Management.

Ending May Quid Qualitas had the opportunity to develop an interesting event with a Multinational company, Spring GDS (Post NL). In this Global Sales Meeting the attendants’ teams were composed by many people within the company (delegates and sales manager, mainly) from different countries: Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Holland, Spain, etc … Therefore, the purpose was to create the best environment to share commercial relevant information, for 2 days, among the different countries: key clients, commercial operations for best impact, way of approaching and catching new clients, e-commerce tool, all of them adapted to give an excellent service, etc ….

At the end, there was different and diverse activities, even with a creative proposal (to design and paint a collective mural) conducted by our Creative Director, Alex barros. Every country had the opportunity to share the commercial information and add value, finding out actions and ideas to launch facing the future, adopting new good practices, tools, and improving the way to manage contracts with global clients, etc.

Congratulations to all attendants! Success at all!!

Commercial Management SPRING GDS & QuidQualitas